A Study of Shalom Vision in Isaiah 1-39

A Study of Shalom Vision in Isaiah 1-39

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As a theological re-reading of Proto-Isaiah, this exegetical work explores the mind of Isaiah, the Hebrew Prophet to see how he envisioned Shalom for the suffering people of his time in the context of utter hopelessness. His articulation of future hope as Yahweh’s reign of peace encompasses the whole of planet Earth, the habitat of all life-forms. This work sees in Isaiah a fitting forerunner who could challenge and inspire the suffering Minjung of India – the Dalit and Tribal communities – especially the Christians among them to dream hope and peace. As with Isaiah, Yahweh calls the Dalit and Tribal Minjung to envision the greatest future-hope possible, namely Shalom. Isaiah’s shalom vision still remains unrealized; yet, it continues to inspire Minjung visionaries to envisage this state of blissful peace by pointing to them the direction towards which humanity ought to move.

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